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GHIN report 9-15-19 (pdf)


Club, local and other rules governing tournament play.

Men's Club 80-80 rule for tournaments (pdf)


Section 3-5, Playing from different tees (link to video explanation below) (pdf)


Local Rule: Immovable Obstruction Near Green (pdf)


Local Rule: Stroke and Distance Alternative for Lost Ball (see link to video explanation below) (pdf)


2019 Rule Changes

 This page provides resources to get acquainted with all the changes to the USGA Rules of Golf for 2019.

The USGA Website link located here will take you to the home page for everything you need to know about the changes.

Other links are provided as quicker links to more specific topics.  The new rules provide for a local rule governing lost balls and balls hit out of bounds.  This local rule will be in place to improve pace of play as is sometimes an issue in our tournaments.