WHS GHIN Changeover update - 02/01/2020


Between now and next March 1st, I will update this page as new information becomes available.

Unpaid members have now been inactivated. 

Membership forms have been mailed. When you sign up this year you will need to furnish a current email address, and no two members can have the same email address. Without it, the new system will not allow posting access to Ghin products (ghin.com and phone app). The only option to post scores will be the MW home computer, and probably the computer at the course you play. As in the past, posting when you play becomes more important now because of daily handicaps.   Posting by midnight of the day you play in order to avoid penalty scores, will be the new norm under the WHS (World Handicap System). 

With the change to WHS it is possible now to post scores hole by hole. In fact it is recommended that you post this way, as it will automatically correct for your max score per hole of Net Double Bogey…(par + 2 stokes + any handicap stokes received). Net Double Bogey replaces the old ESC system. In casual play you should pick up at this point and move on for pace of play purposes.

Your Handicap Index calculation will now be based on the lowest 8 of the last 20 differentials in your scoring record.

Because of the daily handicaps, the 2 week revisions will not be posted this year. Your phone app will have your updated HI each day.